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Excellence in Meat Processing & Sausage Making in Ardrossan

Family owned and operated by John and Susan Kastelen since 1977, at Kastelen Sausage & Fine Meats we have sought to make our products a household name. Committed to quality and excellence, we have received hundreds more than 100 awards throughout Western Canada over the last 35 years. Susan has served two consecutive terms as President of the Alberta Meat Processors Association and works for continued improvement in the industry.

About Our CEO - John Kastelen

Our CEO John Kastelen, is the mastermind behind the creation and organization of Kastelen Sausage & Fine Meats. Since 1977, John has been involved in the meat industry and the fine art of sausage making. He was trained from gleaning from some of the masters and then continued to gain knowledge and skills second to none in the meat industry. Our products soon began to gain popularity throughout rural Alberta by word-of-mouth. With previous training as a taster for Alberta’s dairies, his tasting abilities have been finely honed and refined. His commitment to excellence in this area results in putting out only the finest tasting product to our clients. He manages the handling of aspects of his sausage making using his own recipes along with his stuffing and mixing techniques.

See What Sets Us Apart - Place an Order

We seek to offer you the finest quality fresh and cured meats. Whether you are looking to process game or would like to place an order for sausage, we look forward to working with you. Contact us today.


At Kastelen Sausage & Fine Meats, we have been recognized consistently for our standard in quality meats and have taken an award for nearly every product we make.

Professional Affiliations

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